Silver Shield

Silver Shield with Aqua Sol Technology


Silver has been used for centuries as a germicide and antibiotic.  It was used before modern antibiotics were developed. You have heard the phrase “they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth.” This refers to the belief of the health benefits of consuming silver.


Silver Shield is a patented form of silver - #7,135,195- safe enough to consume everyday. Yet it is powerful enough to destroy pathogens responsible for many serious diseases such as strep throat, Staph, pneumonia, salmonella, dysentery & yeast to name a few.

This Aqua Sol technology is a very small particle size of silver suspended in water.  Which in this solution can discourage growth and kill bacteria, viruses and other unwanted organisms.

The patent describes many uses for the colloidal silver that Nature’s Sunshine calls Silver Shield with Aqua Sol Technology. It can address ear infections, athlete’s  foot, acne, diaper rash, kidney & bladder infections, nail fungus, even malaria & Lyme’s Disease to name a few. 

Without Silver Shield: Abnormal DNA strands within the virus inject themselves into a healthy cell where they rupture the cell, causing disease.  This process is repeated over and over as illness develops.   With Silver Shield: Abnormal DNA strands within the virus are magnetically attracted to the supercharged silver particle. Silver Shield magnetically binds and inactivates viral DNA so that it can no longer be injected into healthy cells and the silver continues to bind and inactivate any remaining viruses within the body.