Muscle Response Testing

Muscle Response Testing

Our body was created to survive and to thrive. In time of imbalance, our body will give us signals of what needs attention. Do we listen to what it is saying and do we know how to interpret what it is trying to tell us!

One method I use in evaluation is muscle response testing. It is sometimes called applied kinesiology. It works on the fact that the atoms of our body act like little radio transmitters broadcasting and receiving waves of energy. Every person sends out waves of different frequencies which means we have a magnetic field.

Using the body’s energy vibration as a diagnostic tool is not new. You may be familiar with the EKG (electrocardiogram) used by many medical doctors to check the energy of the heart.

Muscle Response Testing taps into and utilizes the body’s energy. Too much or not enough energy can cause disharmony.

What can you expect from Muscle Response Testing? In testing an isolated muscle, this tool allows us to confirm the existence of imbalances, deficiencies, existence of toxins, and what is true. A customized health and herbal program distinguishing what is best for each client. The type foods and amounts of supplements that are beneficial can be determined and when it is best to consume them.


Involving clients in their health program allows them to see, feel and participate. It empowers them to take responsibility for their health.