Bill and Debra Short, Owners of the Water Shop Wellness Center

Debra was born the second of four children.  She became interested in natural health as a teen when she and her mother focused on cooking for her athletic brother, an Olympic swimmer-in-training.  It was these early years when she learned how the mass-production process that the food industry used was depleting the soil, and ultimately our food, of the necessary nutrients required to maintain optimal health.  Realizing the health benefits of herbs and other dietary supplements, she began to change her own diet with these vital nutrients.  This interest in eating healthy then motivated Debra to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Food Science at Auburn University.  It was here, in her junior year, when she met her future husband, Bill.

Bill is the middle sibling of two sisters.  While growing up on a cattle ranch, Bill learned the importance of good nutrition, witnessing its positive effects on the health, vitality, and fertility of the animals his family raised.  He understood that to properly care for their animals it was necessary to give them supplements containing vitamins, minerals, and micro-nutrients.  His love for the wellness of animals led him to Auburn University, where he also received a Bachelor of Science in Food Science.  It was in his senior year when he met Debra.

After finishing her studies at Auburn University, Debra and Bill became married.  Soon after, they began to raise three wonderful children.  Debra then began to use the highest quality herbal and dietary supplements, as well as vitamins and minerals, as solutions to her family's various health problems, which ranged from allergies, adrenal fatigue, poison ivy, digestion issues, heart issues, attention issues, and many other “opportunities” that came with raising three active sons.

When the youngest son entered college, Debra began studies at the Trinity College of Natural Health.  After earning her Naturopathic Doctorate degree, she then became a Certified Natural Health Professional.  For Debra, the pursuit of health knowledge never ends.  She is always engaged in learning how to live a healthier life.

For Bill, he built a successful construction business along with returning to the family ranch to help continue raising healthy grass-fed cattle.  During this time, he became a Certified Natural Health Professional.  Like his wife, he firmly believes that nutrition is the key to good mental and physical health.

Bill and Debra were given the opportunity to purchase the Water Shop  from Charlie Allred, the husband of Debra's late mentor, Louise Allred.  At the Water Shop Wellness Center, they offer health consultations, wellness coaching, nutritional classes, as well as addressing the mindset that may hold you back from reaching your goals.  As of May 2018, instead of a storefront, we will come to your group to IN.FORM you of good health practices.  We still carry a large inventory of Nature's Sunshine products  available for you to pickup or have sent to you.  Individual consultations are available by appointment.

As Bill and Debra celebrate over thirty-eight years of marriage, they have realized that the common thread that drew them together years ago was their deep-felt love for the people around them and their desire to promote nutrition as a helpful tool to achieving a healthy life.  Their life goal is to guide people to their full potential with physical wellness, mental clarity, and spiritual peace.  

It is Bill and Debra's commitment to “partnering with you on your path to wellness” that makes the Water Shop Wellness Center so special.